Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is my last post:

Today is going to be my last post on this blog.
I feel that I have moved on from being a blogger and feel that I have so much in my life going on that I haven't had the time to blog.
Good bye to all my loyal followers and my God keep you all in his prayers forever.
Please stay healthy abd safe.

Monday, February 16, 2009


After such a terrible week here in Victoria it is time for everyone to celebrate.
This is what the bush does.
A bushfire burns everything in sight and then not long after comes NEW LIFE......

The bushfires in Victoria we a tremendous strain on a lot of people, not just those that have lost someone ( my sincere sympathies) or lost property, or fought the fires, helped others in some way be it volunteering or just dropping off goods or donating money, we have been given new life by helping others.
Life must go on and I know it is hard to get over such a tragedy but it is true, life still must go on. As the time we all think that it will never get better but the circle of life shows that it does.

It has my two oldest grandchildren, Taylor and Cassie. They were thinking the other day what it would be like to not have toys, or a house to live in, or more tragically no Mum or Dad, Then out of the blue they got on with their life. Not that they forgot they continued.
May everyone find the light at the end of the tunnel and head for there as there is NEW LIFE.

To my special friend Becky and her partner Darryl, this week also bought about a very hard time for them. After carrying a beautiful little baby for 37 weeks she was born sleeping.
Unless you have gone through the pain of losing a child, I don't think anyone would know how hard it it. My love and thoughts are with them both and may their short time they spent with Amelia Grace give them the courage to grow. Love you both heaps.

After my section of tragedy and love
May you all today go and kiss and love your children and your family as you never know what tomorrow will bring. but remember that it is the circle of life.
Please keep smiling and healthy

Monday, January 19, 2009

Semi retirement?

I have been semi retired for about 1 week now and I don't now if its what it is cooked up to be.
What have I done:
Cleaned my house,
cleaned my house
cleaned my house,
looked after my grand kids
looked after my grandaughters friend
gone shopping
made two library bags,
cleaned my house
cleaned my house
cooked two cakes (at this rate I will soon put on heaps of weight)
cleaned my house
ironed, yes you read right, I ironed
washed clothes,
washed clothes
cleaned the house
checked out the internet
Killed two spiders. Wasn't I brave and they weren't just daddy long legs they we dinnersize huntsmans. (well dinner size might be exagerating just a little bit maybe they were the size of bread and butter size plates) lol
waited for bigpond to put on the internet (Now I am still waiting for a wireless modem)
How many times can you clean a house, you ask. Well,
I have had a nine year old grandaughter for the past week and her 9 yo friend over to stayone night, my 5 yo grandaughter stayed over also for two nights, so with all of them, it has made a big tonado through my house, let alone all the washing.
I am going to do some gardening today but it is going to be hot so not sure how long I will stay outside.
I have to start some more exercise otherwise I will end up ten tonne Tessie.
Well I am going to go and find some old clothes and do some gardening.
Keep smiling and healthy

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

What a lot of news.

First, May the peace and calm of christmas and new year be with you all this time of sharing and love.


I am going to semi retire. Yes you heard right or should I say read right......

As of today 4th January 2009 Arty Pants retail shop closed. We will go online and hence the reason for semi retirement.

We have had people coming into the shop saying they are sorry for us, well i must put everyone right.

Jodie and I are extremely happy that we have at least tried a retail shop, but

the time has come for us to back off a bit. Jodie with her family and me with my champagne and relaxation.

The shop did really well but to be truthful the only people in retail that would make money would be the Landlords.

In this era of internet, I think it is stupid for anyone to open a retail shop.

  • The prices can be a lot cheaper online as the suppliers sell to online customers at the same price they sell to those that have overheads, hence the lower prices. Customers will be happier. (we will not be one of the greedy type on the internet and we will have lower prices. You also have to take into consideration that we also had to pay exhorbitant rates, outgoings, cleaning, insurance, and then more insurance and garbage collection, maintenance for a shop that is not yours but you still have to maintain it for the landlord, and then when you are finished with it you have to get it back to a better condition than it was when you took over.

  • You don't have to be tied up with staying in the shop for hours on end. I can be home and undertaking my housework and not having to pay someone to do it for me because I am never home.

  • I can still have the same customer service as we have had in the shop only it would just mean that we do it via email etc.

  • I can get a bit of sunshine on the body receiving vitamin d instead of via tablets. and still check for orders while sitting outside.

  • I do not have to rush out every morning just to open a shop, I can stay at home and wait or then again I can go out and still wait.

  • I will be more relaxed and hence my husband will be more relaxed and hence a happy family life.

  • I can finally get my house how I want it. i still have boxes that I have not unpacked and tomorrow it will be 12 months since we moved here.
  • I can go back to being a grandmother to my four wonderful grandchildren instead of being a grouchy grandmother who is always tired.
  • I can spend some more time with my children. I know they are all adults now but they are still my children and I love them all to bits.
  • I can be a mother to jodie again instead of being a retail shop partner. I know we will still be partners, but online it will be a lot more relaxed.

Thanks to all of you that helped us out during our time with Arty Pants Retail Shop, for without your help and encouragement we would not have survived this long in retail.

Thankyou for your support, Jodie and I have really appreciated it and believe me we have taken all the advice.

We had people in the shop today who are sad for us we are no, they can be sad that the shop has closed we appreciate that but do not be sad for us rejoice with us that we now have a life and you in return will still have Arty Pants but only difference will be that it will be online and we will have more time enjoy it with you all.

Thankyou again

Keep smiling and healthy



Saturday, November 22, 2008

How time flies>>>>>>>

I have just spent the week really busy. No not at the shop but I have looked after Andrew and Chelsie yesterday, and andrew Last Friday as well then I had Wednesday off work and had Cassie and took her to kinda on Wednesday. I do so love looking after my Grandkids. Taylor's weekend last weekend and boy she is really growing up. She will be 10 yes that right 10 next Feb. Double digits. Won't be long and it will be uncool to hang around Nannie. At least I have a few more years for the others. At the moment at least they All still think that Bill and I are cool.
Bill has spent more time lately at the Doctors than he ever has. He has had to have some very uncomfortable tests. Results will be back next week when he goes back to the specialist. We will know if he has to have an operation and then spend 6 weeks off work.
We have some big news happening with regard to the business so stay tuned. That is if anyone still reads my blogg as I've been rather slack lately.
It is less than 5 weeks left until Christmas, haven't even started Shopping. How scarey is that.
Winter has come back to Melbourne. Here it is 22nd November and we are lucky if we are going to make 16degrees. The wind is very strong and the rain is coming in stops and starts. I know we need the rain but we don't have to have the cold with it.
Mark and Mel have moved into the bungalow for a short while.
Jodie and Jeff aregoing great and this weekend spending it renovating the girls bedrooms. Including putting up their new beds. Cassie is sooooooo excited, Chelsie doesn't realize what is going on.
Melinda and Glenn had a leak in their ensuite and have ended up with New carpet through their bedrooms and a whole new ensuite.
I will go and leave you with the thoughts of
Christmas is coming.
Keep smiling and healthy

Friday, September 05, 2008

Spring has sprung!!!!!!!

Beautiful day and beautifu sun and little chilly but I assume in the sun it would be great. Oh how I wish I was outside on a day like today.
I am at work in a chilly shop. I can't wait for it to get just that little warmer......I can only hope.
I haven't much news at the moment. Life has been boring..... everything is going smoothly. Good I suppose but just a little boring.....
I know, if my mum were here she would say to me that bored people are boring people, so I guess I am boring. Mum would say go and FIND something to is wonderful and there is plenty to do........Yes I know I am boring.
I am going to get on with my boring melodramatic life.
Will post again son, if I am not bored.
Keep smiling and healthy

Monday, August 11, 2008

Such a lot of news......

Yes I know, it seems that bloggers throat has been cut and the food hasn't been getting through. Well at least my info.
Such a lot has happened over the past 7 weeks.
My new grandchild Andrew is 7 weeks old and growing more and more each day. He is the spitting image of his Dad. Glenn. He is smiling and such a cutie or should I say sooooooo handsome.
Onto the other grandchildren.
Taylor is 9 and half now and is such a delight. She stays with Bill and I on a Thursday. She tries to get away with heaps but I keep reminding her that we bought up her dad and anything she is trying now, we have already seen before. The ofther day she asked Bill if she could have another icecream, Grandpa said no she immediately asked me and of course I also said no. Her reply to that was damn, it doesn't work anymore........What a devil.
Cassie stays with Bill and I on a Tuesday night. I don't know what it is about Tuesdays but we always seem to be playing games. Either hide and seek, what's the time Mr wolf, or wipeout. I suppose Bill and I are her playthings.
We don't have Chelsie over to sleep on a regular basis as of yet, but I am sure the time will come. I am sure Chelsie has been in this world before. She grabs your attention with the slightest little thing and really tries you......I suppose we'll survive.
I have had a cold for the past 4 weeks and have felt absolutely atrocious. I went to the Drs last week and he said why didn't I come any earlier. My reply was that if I had come earlier her would have said it was viral andthere was nothing He could do, at least this time I got some atibiotics.Still not feeling 100% but am on the mend. Bill also has been sick for the past week. He has the worst bark I have heard for quite a while. Will he go to the dr.....NO.
About 6 weeks ago I found out a friend of mine has Breast cancer. she has started chemo. She is feeling quite ordinary at the moment, but knowing her she will bounce back. She has to stay positive.
Then last week I found out that my 43yo neice has bowel cancer. she will have to go throu chemo as well. My sister is distraught but we as a family have to support not hinder.
Please think of Connie and Julieane and send them both all your strength. Spare a dollar or two for the cancer research and remember that the best cure for cancer is awareness. Check your breasts and if you have any changes anywhere in your body please do something about it immediately.
Well I am going to go and do some more work. I will try to getback earlier that 7 weeks.
Keep smiling and healthy